Tuesday, April 3, 2012

White Family Adoption Fundraiser

Hello Everyone! Today's blog is very dear and personal for me, I'm starting a fundraiser within my company to help me and my husband to adopt our first child. We have an entire blog dedicated to our journey through the adoption process, go check out Growing Our Family Tree.

So how can you participate and help out? 

Simply book a 1 hour portrait session with me! 

What type of session is included? -
Families, Children, Individual Portraits, Babies,  & Pets

What's included? 
My photographic services for 1 hour
CD full of all images
On-line album gallery

What's it cost?
I will not charge any actual amount for my services, all I ask that you pray and consider how much you'd be willing to donate to our fund. All proceeds will go directly to our fund, which you can see on our blog. The only small detail is that travel fees will be charged if the session is located outside the Richmond, VA area. 

Contact me for more information! 

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